Asset Overview

All capital raised will be allocated to solid, tried and true, safe and secure, assets that don’t just force us to relinquish Wolfer Finance capital.

The assets we will be putting the Wolfer Finance funds into are assets (with the exception of potential GALA Founder's Nodes) that:

  • Do not take the coins and send them into oblivion.
  • Are not Ponzi schemes.
  • Are not protocols that recycle tokens and pay out to previous participants.
  • Are not protocols that are “fads” or “get-rich-quick schemes”.
  • Are not outlandish APYs, APRs, or ROIs that will eventually plummet into disaster.
  • Do not have outrageous or outlandish APYs, APRs, or ROIs.
  • Are sustainable, consistent, and scalable.
  • Do not have liquidity issues (we will be able to pull our income and initial collateral and sell at market price without effecting the price on exchanges, the majority of the time).

The assets we will be putting the Wolfer Finance funds into are assets that:

  • Generate interest every single day/week/month (depending on the structure of the asset).
  • Have survived a bear market.
  • Have years’ worth of experience and data behind them.
  • Collateralize assets & capital, and use it to generate income, while keeping any coins involved safe and liquid to remove in a reasonable timely manner.
  • Are real businesses with real products, use cases, and business models.
  • Give no guarantee of ROI (which is illegal to do in the USA), but do produce income on a consistent basis, and give a general “rule of thumb” expectation on the potential ROI.
  • Are safer than 99% of the “DeFi” projects that your favorite YouTuber (besides me, of course) is blindly shilling to you.
  • Have doxed and transparent teams and founders.

Assets & What to Expect

Please visit the TREASURY Page to see all of our assets and strategy to date.