Smart Contract Audits & Asset Reviews

We're changing the standards of transparency for our community through our auditing & asset review practices.

Wolfer Finance Smart Contract Auditing Practices

Since there is no coin, chain, DEX, dApp, source code, smart contract, etc. how is Wolfer Finance audited? Solidity and Certik cannot audit our non-existent contract and code, so what ways are we ensuring transparency and compliance to our community?

Full Online Transparency

On this website all wallets will show our assets. Track any and all transactions through the blockchain, at any time. Everything from A to Z is available on the website.

In Person Asset Review

If the former is not enough we will take this even one step further and invite random community members every 6 months, or whatever the community deems necessary, at the expense of Wolfer Finance, to view our assets in person and we will film it and share it with the community for everyone to see.
The community can vote on who flies in and verifies, or it can be random (a random number generator picks NFT numbers and those are the people who come in and verify the assets).
Drew will choose 1 person, and the community will choose and vote on the second person. All travel will be at Wolfer Finance's expense.