Where is Wolfer.Finance Going?

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Potential Node Rewards/Interest Bonuses in the native tokens of our Assets (this way we can be exposed to these wonderful protocols, and their upward trajectories).

As stated in the WOLF paper, this is something the community can decide on in the future, but will be a great way to gain exposure to top tier coins if coins go on a run:

  • The protocols we are accruing assets in are most of the gold standard in this space.
  • Sometimes it will be more advantageous to take rewards in the native asset’s currency (where applicable).
  • If rewards are solely in MATIC, it gives exposure (and risk) to just ONE ASSET and currency. If rewards were in native investment currencies, then the exposure would be more evenly distributed.
    • In this scenario, exposure, and risk will likely be as diversified as our asset portfolio.
    • Cryptocurrencies can go up and down, so it may be beneficial to take income in the form of the tokens we house assets in and let those coins/tokens appreciate over time.
    • This could be significant if one (or more) of the coins goes on a bull run or has positive news attributed to it.

Build the asset holdings of WF in a diverse range of coins/protocols that have the ability to appreciate over time.

  • Risky plays are not the way to build a formidable portfolio.
  • We will be building a “gold-standard” portfolio of cryptocurrency assets, that have survived and thrived in the past as well as the present.
  • We are looking to attain assets that actually have a business model, longevity, proof of concept, and income that we can rely on.
  • With that being said, the key to this protocol’s longevity will be to diversify into multiple markets and asset classes.
  • We will not “pigeon-hole” the protocol into JUST MASTERNODES. 
  • We will, instead, diversify our asset portfolio across multiple markets, and protocols/projects/coins alike.
  • Our end goal is to build the assets under management by 4X in 5 years’ time, thus increasing the capital we have housed in assets, not to mention the appreciation of those assets over said period. 
  • Think how much the market could appreciate in 5 years’ time. This could make our 4X projection come to fruition much quicker and also be much more substantial – possibly higher than the 4X we are aiming to accomplish.

The building of the treasury, and the 45% proportionate allocation of income generated per month to re-allocation per month, will help ensure the breadth of our assets, and the longevity, scalability, and sustainability of the protocol into the coming years.