Wolfer Finance

Wolfer.Finance Core Values

Your WOLF PACK NFT gives you free access to the most exclusive and valuable Discord & community of knowledgeable, like-minded, individuals in all of the crypto-sphere!

There are countless reasons why our business separates itself from the rest of the pack.

This is the place where you can learn about why and how we are different.

We’ve built a business to secure a better crypto future via hosting KNOWN blockchains.


Ease of Access

The business model allows NFT holders to choose their level of involvement. Wolfers can be active, or set-it-and-forget-it.

Collective Mind Mentality

When communities pool their time, resources, collective minds, expertise, and relationships, together we can conquer a market that none could have conquered by simply “going it alone”.

Membership Mechanism

No BS, no unnecessary fees, no nonsense. Your NFT is your membership & access.


Wolfer Finance WOLF PACK NFTs

There will be a total of 5000 NFT assets available at $500 (market price of MATIC at time of minting).

Wolfer Finance Alpha Wolf NFT

Only 50 Alpha Wolf NFTs will be available to mint. The chance of minting an Alpha is 1%, and it is purely random.

Wolfer Finance Beta Wolf NFT

Only 100 Beta Wolf NFTs will be available to mint. The chance of minting a Beta is 2%, and it is purely random.

Gamma & Omega Wolf NFTs

Only 200 Gamma Wolf NFTs will be available to mint with a 4% chance of minting. The rest will be Omega NFTs.

Extensive Documentation

Everything you could ever inquire about is housed in this website, it’s documentation, and in the WOLF Paper and Discord!

Peace of Mind

Funds are secure, and WF assets are transparent. We do not relinquish rights to our capital when securing assets. You may also sell your NFT at any time you wish.

Diversify Assets

We will not “pigeon-hole” Wolfer Finance into one type of asset or vehicle. We will, instead, diversify across multiple markets, sectors, etc.

Re-Investing & Building Assets

45% of all Wolfer Finance income generated from housed assets will be allocated to building this institution’s assets under management.

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