Node Hosting Rewards Bonus

50% of the interest generated every month will be put into potential node hosting rewards bonus, proportionate to the amount of NFTs.


45% of the interest generated per month will be re-allocated into our existing assets and/or securing new assets.

Team & Marketing

5% of the interest generated per month will be allocated to the team.


Approximately (Projected) $60,000 per Month in income.

If we were to sell all 5K NFTs and took a more aggressive asset procurement strategy, this could be the potential. Again, this is if we were to sell all 5,000 NFTs at the $500 price point, upon the minting period closing, at current market price of the assets. If the market is not performing well, this could be lower, if it is performing well it could be higher.

Here is an example of the way this breaks down. (This is all based on speculation & projections and there is no guarantee.):

  • $60,000 projected income per month (give or take, based upon coin prices and performance at time of converting the income to MATIC).
  • Of that $60,000, 50% ($30,000) is potentially put into node hosting rewards bonuses, evenly, proportionate to the amount of NFTs owned.
  • 45% (around $27,000) is re-allocated into new interest generation vehicles and assets.
  • 5% (or around $3,000) is allocated to the team for their maintenance and marketing of the institution.


Potential Per Month From Asset Interest


Potential Node Hosting Rewards Bonus


Potential Node Hosting Interest/Rewards Per Week From Assets (USD Value)

expounding on our Interest income that is generated & how it will be collected and distributed:

50% of the income generated In The Month Can Potentially Be Node Hosting Interest/Rewards Bonuses, in equal proportions.

From the remaining 50% of the interest generated:

  • 45% of the interest generated will be re-allocated into our existing assets and/or new assets.

5% of the income will be allocated to the team:

  • This will be for implementation/monitoring of assets and marketing.
  • It would be nice if we continued marketing the protocol to people that could pay a premium for your Wolfer Finance NFT asset and raise the floor price of your asset, or NFT, wouldn’t it?
  • Luckily Drew Wolfer has a massive social platform, and we will do just that!
    • The assets we procure will be pure maintenance, but most of them will have minor amounts of upkeep required, examples below:
    • If a node goes down and needs rehosted.
    • Research of new asset vehicles.
    • Monitoring and allocating staked/lended coins appropriately and proportionate to risk tolerance.
    • If a server goes down, needs to be killed, and/or reassigned.
    • Collection of interest generated.
    • Conversion of assets/interest.
    • Distribution of assets/interest.
    • Community involvement.
    • Keeping track of, and offering, voting.
    • Maintaining the discord, website, etc.
    • Continued marketing of this fine institution.
    • Hiring of any new team members.