Wolfer Finance
Core Values

WEB2 & WEB3 Market Conglomerate

Wolfer Finance is one of the only WEB2 & WEB3 Market One-Stop-Shops in the Entire World!

Robust Blockchain Infrastructure

Retail consumers benefit from participation in Master & Validator Node-ing as well as Potential Digital Currency Mining in the future.

Additional Revenue Sources

We also have access to Private Opportunities, as well as Media & Marketing Agency Resources, Software As A Service, Regulation As A Service, and Potential Trading & Training Academy Course Revenue Exposure.

Business Management Service

Wolfer Finance offers exposure to these blue chip revenue & income generating business models and has helped build other companies in the WEB3 space as well!
  • No Coin Or Chain!

Limiting Vulnerabilities

Look how many dApps, chains, and coin contracts get hacked daily, and millions of dollars siphoned off from them.
We see no reason to have our own coin, chain, or source code. 

We are helping host blockchains that already have native currencies.

  • Multiple Business Models!

What We Do

We operate Blockchain Infrastructure such as:

  • Master Nodes
  • Validator Nodes
  • Digital Currency Mining (Potentially In The Future)
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate Management (Potentially In The Future)
  • Commodity Infrastructure & Company Management (Potentially In The Future)

We also have additional service-based models such as:

  • Media Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Software As A Service
  • Regulation As A Service
  • Business Development As A Service
  • Trading & Training Academy / Advising Services
  • Fundraising Advisement Services
  • The What, The Where, The Why!

Full Access To Everything

We are 100% fully transparent about our assets, our funds, our team, our wallets, etcetera, and all of this information is available for confirmation at any given time.

  • Fully Secure Wallets
  • Asset Transparency
  • Verified Team Members
  • Data Availability


Ease Of Access

The business model allows Wolfer holders to choose their level of involvement. Wolfers can be active, or not, checking back every month or so!

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Collective Mind Mentality

When communities pool their time, resources, collective minds, expertise, and relationships, together we can conquer a market that none could have conquered by simply “going it alone”.

WEB2 & WEB3 Conglomerate

One of the only Companies in all of WEB2 & WEB3 offering out this type of access to top tier master and validator node blockchain infrastructure!