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Wolfer Finance Can Help You Build!

We have built one of the best WEB3 communities in the entire ecosystem: The WOLF PACK!

Working with Wolfer Finance gives you access to this community, for free, to interact with knowledgeable, like-minded, individuals with a vast understanding of all market sectors!

We have built a company that sustains & scales in an efficient, effective, and safe manner.

We have built a “gold-standard” portfolio of WEB2 & WEB3 assets that have survived and thrived in the past as well as the present.

Our entire goal is to help other WEB2 & WEB3 companies build & scale, thus building and increasing the Wolfer Finance assets under management & increasing our network & reach!

Working as a community

Transparent about funds

B2B Solutions

Building digital Wealth

Take advantage of our network partners to help spread the word about your business!

Wolfer Finance has access to the following for marketing:

10M+ Total Subscriber YouTube Influencers

10M+ Total Follower Twitter Influencers

50K+ Discord Communities

Exclusively Private Twitter Spaces & 10K+ Subscriber Podcasts

Wolfer Finance has access to larger publications such as:




International Business Times

The Wall Street Journal

Wolfer Finance has access to exclusive events & speaking engagements such as:

BTC Miami

WBS Dubai

Pitch Competitions Worldwide


Build your business with some of the best & brightest in the WEB2 & WEB3 market!

We can provide access to:


Marketing Professionals

Business Development Specialists

Full Stack, Front End, Back End, dApp, & Website Developers

Wolfer Finance can also get you access to some of the best WEB2 & WEB3 professionals:


Legal Teams



US Company? US Customers? NO PROBLEM!

We have a Regulation As A Service model:

This gives you streamlined initiatives to bring your company to the audience you desire.

We Can Help On Advisement & Have A Network To Help You Achieve FULL REGULATORY COMPLIANCE in the United States!

Is Your Company In The Blockchain Infrastructure Space? WONDERFUL!

Wolfer Finance owns Master & Validator nodes for some of the Top Blockchains!

Wolfer Finance can assist & advise on digital currency mining businesses through our EXTENSIVE network partners!

Developing A Software? PERFECT!

Wolfer Finance has already aided in the building of one of the most REVOLUTIONARY softwares in the industry. PreSend.io!

We have access to the best:

front end Developers & Design Experts

Backend Developers

Dapp Developers

Smart Contract Developers

Full Stack developers

AWS certified developers

Are You A Trading Firm Or Company? BEAUTIFUL!

Although we do not trade ourselves, Wolfer Finance has access to one of the best traders in the game that can advise your company on strategies, indicators, technical analysis, signals, course & education creation, as well as:

how to scale your portfolio safely and effectively without getting “stopped out”

how to scale your portfolio safely and effectively without “moving the markets”

how to scale your portfolio safely and effectively without being “stop hunted” due to a large capital portfolio size!

Working as a community

Transparent about funds

B2B Solutions

Building digital Wealth

  • Customer Centric Approach


We have a storied track-record of housing & operating tried & true, safe & secure, assets that don’t just claim our capital as income for their protocol and recycle the tokens to previous participants.

The assets we own are assets that:

  • Generate interest every single day/week/month (depending on the structure of the asset).
  • Have likely survived a bear market.
  • Have years’ worth of experience and data behind them.
  • Collateralize asset capital, and use it to generate interest, while keeping our initial capital/coins safe and liquid to remove at any time (minus any vesting periods, of course).
  • Are real businesses with real products, use cases, and business models.
  • Give no guarantee of ROI (which is illegal to do in the USA), but instead produce income on a consistent basis, and give a general “rule of thumb” expectation on the potential ROI.
  • Are sustainable, consistent, and scalable.
  • Do not have liquidity issues (we will be able to pull our assets’ interest and initial capital allocation and liquidate at market price without effecting the price on exchanges, if need be or deemed necessary).
  • Are safer than 99% of the fad-type “DeFi” projects that your favorite YouTuber (besides Drew Wolfer, of course) is blindly shilling to you.
  • Have documented and transparent teams and founders.

Real Diversification:

  • Secure not only safe assets, but a range of safe assets, sectors, markets, coins, protocols, etc.
  • We will not be “only nodes”, or “only mining”. The majority of our funds will be providing blockchain infrastructure to blockchains such as ETH, AVAX, FTM, FLUX, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge Coin, Kadena, etcetera.
  • We secure assets in a very diverse and well-rounded combination of all that the WEB3 market has to offer.
  • Risk Tolerance: We will not be buying “fake nodes” or into “100,000% APY auto-compounding” protocols that are doomed from inception due to flawed business models.