Why Does Wolfer.Finance Exist?

The Why

Welcome to the Wolfer Finance NFT Community!

We have built one of the best and brightest communities in all of crypto, and your WOLF PACK NFT gives you free access to that paid community, as well as early access to all future Wolfer projects and partnerships… JUST FOR OWNING AN NFT! This is the first of its kind cryptocurrency “non-traditional” NFT funded institution aiming to scale and sustain the assets under management, consistently and safely over time, to increase the portfolio size over time!

This institution has the potential ability to attain the “outlandish” APRs (the 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%+ APRs) that the “DeFi” protocols in the space are quoting today, but the key difference is Wolfer Finance will attain this growth over time (as outlined in the WOLF Paper) by allocating a portion of the interest it generates per month both to potential node interest/rewards bonuses, as well as re-allocation activities.

We are tired of the non-transparent, unsustainable, no growth potential, non-community centric, always being hacked or rug-pulled, get-rich-quick pyramid and Ponzi-scheme “Decentralized Finance” protocols that are plaguing the cryptocurrency market as of late.

These projects and teams are absolutely diabolical and are sullying the reputation of the cryptocurrency and financial market sectors to a point that is absolutely despicable.


Realistic Expectations

If you are expecting a reward tomorrow, there are plenty of other protocols that will offer (or promise) this to you. Wolfer Finance will not be one of them. Although, we do have the best and most knowledgeable community in crypto! Give our NFTs time to appreciate in value!

Building An Empire

This protocol needs time, patience, and nurturing to develop (and this model is explained, in length, in the WOLF Paper).
With the support of our community this protocol will be here for years to come if Wolfer Finance is given the ability to blossom over time.

This is a long-term play that has the potential to bring in 100’s of percentages per year, but over & with time.

It will take us time and perseverance to achieve this. Please think of this protocol, as such, and look at the BIG PICTURE and the END GOAL, instead of solely judging it based upon what is happening in the first stage/year of the protocol.

Think of this: If someone bought FTM when it launched, they wouldn’t have secured a real return on that asset until 2.5 years later, but once that return came and it was sustained, it changed lives and created lasting income (if allocated properly) for years to come. Please give our NFTs time to properly appreciate in value over time!

Our focus is to be fully transparent.

From our team to our roadmap, from A to Z, from assets to wallets we will always keep our protocol transparent.

The key focus of Wolfer Finance is to BUILD a protocol that generates income in a safe, sustainable, and scalable way that gives us peace of mind as well as a stable and consistent trajectory.

How do we do this?

  • By building the assets under management over time through treasury allocation and re-allocating a portion of our income to attain new assets.
  • We accomplish this by re-allocating a portion of the income the protocol generates from the previous assets every month.
  • Keeping our assets secure and stable by putting them in mediums that do not force us to relinquish our capital, but instead keep our capital secure, liquid, and available for withdrawal in a reasonable timeframe.

The vision for this protocol, that we will accomplish, is to limit access to a select group of community members and raise funds only ONE time.

  • We will not be doing any of the following:
    • Creating our own chain, coin, dApp, or housing any source code or smart contracts that can be hacked or exploited (we learned from others’ mistakes). This will reduce the ability for hackers/exploiters to attempt to attack us.
    • Recycling any tokens, paying old participants with new participants’ capital, or asking new or old participants for any more capital to fund the project. We have no coin to do this with and will be self-sufficient. (This does not even exist in our business)
    • Selling or guaranteeing a fantasy or mirage of any type. Our mission is clear.
    • Relinquishing our capital (think buying a “Thor node”). Our assets & capital is liquid and secure.

The focus, after the initial capital contribution is collected through the minting phase, is to IMMEDIATELY disperse the capital into income generation vessels that help GROW the amount of assets under management week-over-week, month-over-month, and year-over-year, ensuring the most value possible from the capital, while keeping capital liquid, available, and secure.

This process and business plan will ensure the protocol DOES NOT need any new capital contributions in order to sustain, scale, and generate income.


Develop more assets under management through re-allocation of income generated, and develop true portfolio diversification.

Thus, ensuring more assets and income generated, safer vehicles, and more stable income.
The above statement says it all and is explained in abundance in the WOLF paper.

Morph the protocol into an interest generator as the assets under management and interest from master & validator node rewards increase over time.

How do we accomplish this?

    • By allocating the initial capital, then re-allocating a portion of the interest/rewards generated.
    • This builds the assets under management significantly without having to bring in more capital.
    • This is the problem with the “node” and “DeFi” ponzi protocols that are paying their old participants with new participants’ capital.
    • Our interest/noding rewards will be generated from OUR ASSETS.
    • The higher the interest/noding rewards per month climbs, the higher the floor price of the NFT asset (membership) will climb.

No chain

  • We don’t see our own chain as being an advantage, but as being a hindrance.
  • Look at the protocols with their own chains. The protocols are being plagued with issues such as development, hacks, and exploits as of late.

No dApp

  • Look how many dApps get hacked daily, and millions of dollars stolen from them.
  • There are so many vulnerabilities in protocols in the crypto space that the new “rug-pull” is called the “protocol exploit”, “attack”, or “hack”.
  • Eliminate the chain, coin, and dApp (no source code) and you eliminate the opportunity for bad actors (or rug pullers) to run off with capital.

No coin

  • We see no reason to have our own coin if we own assets and support the running of blockchains that already have native currencies.
  • We can piggy-back off the already built infrastructure, and not re-invent the wheel and open our protocol up to the same hacks and exploits of other protocols.
  • This is a business, not a currency in and of itself. We look to generate income from our assets, not with our own currency!
  • The whole point of this project is to fix what other projects have not been able to fix.
  • We studied and learned from their mistakes and the trials and tribulations that came along with having their own chains/dApps/coins.

Real Diversification

  • Secure assets in not only safe mediums, but a range of safe mediums, sectors, markets, coins, protocols, etc.
  • We will not be “only nodes”.
  • We will be developing assets in a very diverse and well-rounded combination of all that the crypto market has to offer.
  • None of this will be considered high risk (for crypto), though. We will not be buying “fake nodes” or into “100,000% APY auto-compounding” protocols that are doomed from inception due to flawed business models.

Solid Asset Allocation

  • We aren’t speculating. We are vetting and re-vetting every single medium we are securing assets in.
  • We are methodical with our picks, and we already own a sizeable portion of them (personally) and have witnessed how they work and generate income every single day.
  • We don’t throw our capital into Ponzi schemes or fake “DeFi” protocols. We procure assets in real income generating vehicles (assets) that will generate income safely, securely, sustainably, and consistently. Namely, the hosting and storing of blockchains and transaction data via master & validator nodes such as AVAX, ETH, DAG, FLUX, FTM, etcetera.

Keep capital Safe and Available

This is integral, and the very premise of this institution.

  • We keep the capital safe by allocating it in liquid assets that do not force us to relinquish our capital as income to their protocol.
  • We secure assets that can be liquidated (the initial collateral, plus any other interest generated), and/or re-appropriated at any given time, or in a somewhat timely manner (of anything that is within our control).

Give exposure to solid projects with high barriers to entry i.e.: capital, hosting nodes, etc.

  • A lot of times one cannot secure assets in the top-tier gold standard assets that crypto has to offer due to high barriers to entry. Whether this is experience, technical knowledge, not knowing the right people, or that it is just too expensive.
  • When communities pool knowledge, resources, collective minds, expertise, and relationships together, we can conquer a market that none could have conquered by simply “going it alone”.

Mitigate the exposure to coin fluctuations, rewards slashing, hacks/vulnerabilities, and market conditions.
  • Due to the breadth of our assets, and the fact that we will not have our own chain/coin, our exposure will be limited to gold-standard projects, coins, protocols, etc.
  • Our protocol cannot be hacked because there is no protocol source code to target, penetrate, and expose.
  • With that being said, if there ever is source code, automation, or smart contract(s) implemented the source code will be tested and fully audited before deploying it.

Move away from non-transparency
  • I have documented myself, and every part of this LLC, protocol, and business plan is transparent and available to inquiry by every member (or non-member).
  • Everyone knows who I am.
  • I live in the USA. In the USA, if we do anything wrong, we get prosecuted.

Move away from non-liquidity.
  • Community members will have the ability to sell their NFT at any time.

Move away from the “rug-pull” generation.
  • Transparency is key. We have that.
  • Simplicity is key. We have that as well. Do one thing very well, and thrive. Focus on the task at hand, and the sky is the limit.
  • Confidence in this protocol is what Wolfer Finance will deliver.

Move away from the complexities. Keep it simple. Crypto should be fun.
  • So many protocols try to do too many things, all at the same time, and end up failing miserably in the end.
  • The old saying goes: “if you chase two rabbits at the same time, you will not catch either of them”.
  • If we focus and do one thing very well, we will prosper tremendously in the future.

Move away from outlandish guarantees that have been killing profits, portfolios, sentiments, and emotions.
  • We guarantee nothing, but our community can see our trajectory and projections in the WOLF paper.
  • It is clear to see where Wolfer Finance is headed, and where we will be a year from now, as opposed to where the other projects, “DeFis”, and protocols will be.
  • Wolfer Finance is here to stay.

Offer a sustainable model for EVERY walk of life, social class, capital tier, etc.
  • We want everyone to feel welcome and have the same opportunity.
  • Whether a whale or not, Wolfer Finance welcomes all participants equally and encourages community interaction.
  • This is with exception to the “ROI tomorrow” & “moon-boy” types of participants.
  • Sorry everyone, this isn’t the protocol for these types of impatient participants, and they will be more of a detriment than a help to our protocol. Our community members add VALUE, they don’t look to others to GIVE it to them freely.

Instill trust back in the crypto market.
  • Everyone is scared of the cryptocurrency markets right now. Rightfully so.
  • Projects do not openly document or reveal their founders.
  • There is a rug-pull or hack every other day.
  • Coins are tanking, protocols are closing shop, and once solid protocols and coins are un-pegging and becoming obsolete.
  • Participants are fearful and in dire need of something they KNOW and TRUST.

Build something that has longevity, can survive the test of time and bear markets, and keeps capital safe and liquid.
  • The sky is the limit. We can continue to grow the protocol, re-allocating a portion of the monthly interest/node rewards and turning those yearly APRs into much higher percentages, or we can stabilize and distribute, ceasing the growth trajectory.
  • The way we can turn our institution into a protocol that can ACTUALLY earn those outlandish APRs yearly, over time, is because we take a portion of the income generated from our collateralized assets, and re-allocate them into new, safe, sustainable mediums and this continues to grow the assets under management at an astronomical rate.
  • The floor price of the NFT asset (membership) will climb.